This article is about the Shadow Lord servant who lead a batallion of Greers before the Battle of Deltora. For the captain of the Bold Maiden go to Wrass (captain of the Bold Maiden).
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Wrass was a servant of the Shadow Lord and helped lead the Greers, alongside Sheela, during the winter before the Battle for Deltora.[1]

History Edit

During the Shadow Lord's invasion of the Land of Dragons, Wrass betrayed his country and joined forces with the Shadow Lord for unknown reasons. He was given command of a large portion of Greers.[1]

Tales of Deltora Edit

During the winter, Wrass was forced to camp with Sheela and a group of Greers at Raladin. When Sheela complained about the state of the war, he warned her of speaking out against the Shadow Lord, as even at this distance their master could be listening. Sure enough, a shadow appeared in the sky, which both Wrass and Sheela believed to be an Ak-Baba, but it was a Ruby Dragon sent by the Ralads.[1]

Wrass did not participate in the final battle for Deltora, but he did warn Trell about Sheela's wild attitude. What happened to him after the battle is unknown.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

Wrass had a long blond mustache, bushy eyebrows, and puffy lips.[1]

Personality Edit

Like all of the Shadow Lord's servants, Wrass feared his master's wrath and advised caution when speaking about it. He was also a competent commander who was trusted with leading a battalion of Greers.[1]

Appearances Edit

Tales of Deltora Edit

The Ralad Wilds Edit

The Battle for Deltora Edit

References Edit

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