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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

Withick Mire is in need of more information! Withick Mire is lacking Complete revision and synopsis. For example, why are there no mention of the famous Deltoran artist Withick that gave name to the place, who created and printed the The Belt of Deltora book with Doran? And please, make it clear that anime-only information, and therefore non-canon information, is non-canont.

Withick Mire
Withick Mire
General information

Withick (formerly)


Resistance stronghold

Physical information

North-west of Del


Topaz territory



Chronological information
First appearance

Return to Del

Last appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Location on map
Map of Topaz territory
Withick Mire was once a green, swampy place but was then turned into a stronghold by The Resistance. It was the home of Withick before he was captured and killed.


Originally, Withick Mire was known as just 'the Mire', but eventually it was changed to Withick Mire, because of Withick.


Withich Mire Stink City Sign

Withick as it appears in the anime.

Withick Mire was turned into a stronghold for The Resistance. There seems there is a water supply nearby. Because of the massive amounts of garbage, it is also called Stink City. The garbage however is advantage because:
  • It can be used for resources
  • It helps hide the Resistance
  • Its smell drives the Ols and Grey Guards away


Supply RoomEdit

It is the first room upon entering completely different from the outside.

Resting RoomsEdit

There are three types of resting rooms:

  • Hospital Ward: Multiple beds in the same room and is for the injured.
  • Double: Two beds
  • Single: One bed


The trapdoor to the cellar is hidden by a large shelf. It might be connected to the Stronghold's dungeon.

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