Wild Ones
Wild Ones
General information

The Dead Plain in the Shadowlands


Presumably Scuttlers




Former Deltorans, mutated, animal-like, insect-like

Chronological information
First appearance

The Shadowlands (only appearance)

The Wild Ones were Deltoran slaves whose bodies had been experimented on and mutated by the Shadow Lord in his Factory.[1]


The Shadowlands Edit

Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Emlis encountered a pack of Wild Ones shortly after arriving in the Shadowlands. They chased after the companions, but lost them when they ran into a Stinger and its young, who killed many of the pursuing Wild Ones. They later learned the nature of the creatures from Claw, himself a victim of similar experiments.[1]


Wild Ones are created inside the Shadow Factory, but are often seem roaming the Dead Plain. It is unknown if they are released from the Factory when deemed a failure by the Shadow Lord, or if they escape.[1]


Since Wild Ones are failed experiments, their appearances vary between individuals. They generally appear mangled and deformed, with more animalistic features that include tusks, scales, humped backs, claws, and fangs.[1]


The only trace of humanity left in the Wild Ones is their social behaviour, as they are often seen hunting in packs. They are also smart enough to use live bait to attract hoards of scuttlers. Outside of this, they are little more than animals who will relentlessly pursue their prey.[1]

Diet Edit

Wild Ones presumably eat Scuttlers.[1]



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