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Tales of Deltora (only appearance)

Violet, daughter of Samuel and Bella, was a little girl from the Del tribe during Adin's time.[1]

History Edit

Violet was the daughter of Samuel the baker and Bella of Del. She was fond of Adin, who often visited her family's bakery, fixed their cart, and amused her by making a rabbit out of his handkerchief.

Violet woke up shortly after the "Archer of Azzure" asked that the people of Del allow him to add the Topaz to his Belt. She pointed out that Master Gabb's face was red, which prompted him to tell her to be quiet or the Archer of Azzure would eat her up. Violet, confused, said that the stranger was only Adin the blacksmith. This alerted the crowd to Adin's deception, nearly costing him the Topaz, but he calmed them and explained himself, and they agreed to give him the gem.[1]

Personality Edit

Violet was, due to her young age, was rather blunt, calliing attention to Master Gabb's balding head and reddening face. She also claimed that Adin's Mere clothing was "funny" and that she liked his old clothes better. Despite her youth, she was not easily fooled, and quickly recognised Adin's voice when he returned to Del. She was fond of Adin, and commented that she was glad when she heard his voice again.[1]

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Appearances Edit

References Edit

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