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Harper Collins Australia has announced that Emily Rodda will be publishing a new book with them in 2017.

HarperCollins Australia just recently announced in an article on their website that they are publishing a new book by Emily Rodda in August 2017. The book will be called The Shop at Hooper’s Bend and is in the genre of fantasy. It does not appear that this book will be set in the same world as Deltora, and it doesn't sound like it will be in the same tone or mood either. I think we can expect the book to be for slightly younger children, based on the description on the article, which I have quoted below:
The Shop at Hooper’s Bend follows eleven-year-old Jonquil (known as Quil) Medway, a girl with more than an unusual name. Quil’s parents died in a car accident when she was a baby and Quil now goes to boarding school, but spends her holidays with an aunt – or at camp, which is where Quil is heading when she decides to get off early at a train stop called Hooper’s Bend.
It is there that Quil meets Pirate, a chunky little white dog with black spots who immediately adopts her and Bailey, a prickly older lady who has gone to Hooper’s Bend to check out the vacant shop that has been left to her by an uncle.
There is something magical about the shop at Hooper’s Bend though, and as Quil and Bailey fall under its spell, they are not only drawn together in an unlikely friendship, but are also struck by a brilliant idea that will bring the shop back to life – and foil the developers scheming to destroy it.
It is a story about coming home – when you didn’t even know that was where you belonged.

Rodda had this to say: ‘It’s always an exciting time publishing a new book, and in this case, returning to Angus and Roberston where my writing career began, makes this all the more special.’ Other Emily Rodda books published by HarperCollins Australia are the Fairy Realm series. HarperCollins also happens to be the publication house that Rodda got her start in, with the book Something Special. These books, as well as the new book, is going to be published under the under the imprint Angus & Robertson, an iconic Australian bookseller, book publisher and book printer, which is only seen today in books published by HarperCollins Australia.


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