Belt of Deltora300
Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

Unnamed Jalis is in need of more information! Unnamed Jalis is lacking A more informative rewrite, which is more concise. It should also be mentions that what the Jalis thought was a goblin, was really a Plume of the Pirrans.

Unnamed Jalis


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Tales of Deltora

The Jalis that accidentally killed one of the seven goblins in the Tenna Birdsong Tale The Seven Goblins. The Jalis is Glock's ancestor.


One day a man of the Jalis tribe came home to his hut after a long day and threw himself upon his bed, crushing the goblin that lay underneath. He later found the body of the dead goblin, and the pouch that hung around its neck. The Jalis claimed the pouch and the tiny object inside of it, a wooden mouthpiece of a flute, and wore it around his neck as a protective talisman.

The Jalis would go on to pass it down to his descendant, who passed it on to his descendant, ending with Glock, one of the last survivng members of the Jalis tribe who lived in the time of King Lief. When Glock died and passed the talisman on to his friend Jasmine, it was revealed to be the mouthpiece of the fabled Pirran Pipe.

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