Ulay Bran

Bone Point Lighthouse (formerly)

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Keeper of the light


Lighthouse keeper for Bone Point Lighthouse

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Secrets of Deltora (mentioned; only appearance)

Ulay Bran was the keeper of the light at the Bone Point Lighthouse at the time of King Lucan. Doran knew Ulay and wrote favourably about Ulay in Secrets of Deltora, writing that if one were to pay Ulay a visit and asked him, he would welcome them heartily and show them around.[1]

History Edit

Ulay was the keeper of the light at the Bone Point Lighthouse during the reign of King Lucan. He became friends with Doran at some point.[1]

Personality Edit

Ulay welcomed visitors to his lighthouse kindly and would offer to show them around.[1]

Appearances Edit

Other Edit

References Edit

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