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Secrets of Deltora

Tuskers are large wild pigs that roam the plains and hills of Diamond territory.[1]


Secrets of DeltoraEdit

Tuskers were hunted for sport and food by the Jalis. They were encountered by Doran during his travels through Deltora. Doran studied and wrote about tuskers in his book Secrets of Deltora.[1]


Tuskers behave extremely aggressively and will attack any creature that they come across, however they are distracted by strong-smelling foods and are unable to hold interest in something for much longer than a half-hour.[1]


Tuskers are huge pigs with humped backs and are covered in coarse, bristly hair generally coloured grey-brown. Occasionally their hide may be spotted black or white.[1]


Tuskers live in the hills and plains within Diamond Territory.[1]


Tuskers eat nearly everything, but prefer strong-smelling foods such as fish heads, cheese and sausage chunks.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • If you encounter a Tusker then you best option is to distract it with strong-smelling food and then climb a tree.[1]

References Edit

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