Transportation in the World of Deltora
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Methods of transportation in the World of Deltora vary from island to island, ranging from human-powered transportation, like ships to animal-based transportation, like horses.

Deltora Edit

Ship Edit

Ships are a popular form of transport along rivers, particularly the River Tor, as well as used for trade among islands.

Fishing boat Edit

Fishing boats were used to collect fish, especially around Broome.

Longboat Edit

Muddlet Edit

The muddlet is an unreliable beast of burden.

Horse Edit

The horse is an extremely popular form of transport in Deltora, used by the monarch and common travellers.

Cart Edit

The cart is used as a means to transport goods and food, commonly pulled by a horse.

Dorne Edit

Wagon Edit

The wagon was a metal roller controlled by levers, buttons and a steering wheel. It also included a speedometer.[4]

Cart Edit

A cart with wheels was either drawn by goat or horse.[4]

Steam boat Edit

Large vessel propelled by a steam engine.[5]

References Edit

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