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Topaz dragon
Topaz dragon
General information

Topaz territory


Vine-weaver bird
Dragon Lizard
Domestic animals (rarely)




Reliable, thoughtful, determined, serious, spiritual

Chronological information
First appearance

Cavern of The Fear

Last appearance

Secrets of Deltora

The Topaz dragon is a species of dragon native to Topaz territory. They are critically endangered and are extremely wise and thoughtful. The last remaining Topaz dragon, Fidelis, is the only Topaz dragon to have survived the Ak-Baba attacks during the reign of King Lucan.[1]


Told in the Tenna Birdsong Tale, The Girl with the Golden Hair, a Topaz dragon took captive a girl with wavy, golden blonde hair. To save her lover, she gave the dragon her hair.[2] During the reign of King Lucan, Topaz dragons were purposely hunted by the Ak-Baba and few survived.[1]

After Doran journeyed throughout Deltora, the Topaz dragons were almost wiped out. He urged Fidelis to go into an enchanted sleep and it was not until Lief journeyed to the Os-Mine Hills and awoke him from his lair.[3]




Topaz dragons generally eat Granous, Dragon Lizard, Flesh Pythons, fish, and, rarely, domestic animals.[1]


Topaz dragons live territoriality in Topaz territory. Before they were endangered, they could be found in caves and on top of mountains, particularly in the Os-Mine Hills since it gave them access to their primary food source, Granous. They also made frequent trips to the Forests of Silence to hunt.[1]


  • A Topaz dragon was mentioned in the tale, The Girl with the Golden Hair.
  • The Topaz dragon, Fidelis, was the first to be woken up by Lief.


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