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Topaz territory, also known as Del territory, is a territory in the southeast of Deltora and the territory of Topaz dragons and the tribe of Del. It is the southernmost territory in Deltora, bordered by Ruby territory to the north and Diamond territory to the west. Its capital, the city of Del, is the home of the royal family.[1]

Tribe Edit

Main article: Del tribe

Topaz territory is home of the Del tribe, the land's greatest travellers, explorers, and traders. The Del people are curious, restless, and adventurous, often sailing across the seas to explore and trade with people from other islands.[1]

Capital Edit

Main article: Del

The city of Del, home of the royal family, is not only the capital of Topaz territory but also of the whole of Deltora. Del is the country's largest city, a major centre of trade and industry. Notable locations in Del are the palace, Del harbour, the market, the pottery, the River Del, and Adin's forge.[2]

Gem Edit

Main article: Topaz

Topaz territory's gem is the Topaz. Gold in colour, the gem is the symbol of faithfulness. The Topaz allows the wearer to summon spirits from the spirit world. It protects the wearer from the terrors of the night and strengthens and clears the mind. Its powers are strongest when the moon is full.[3][4]

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