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The Three Doors trilogy
General information

Emily Rodda


Marc McBride (cover artwork)
Kate Rowe (any illustrations associated with the story, including maps and letters)


AUScholastic Australia
CA Puffin Canada
FR Pocket Jeunesse
JP Kadokawa
USOmnibus Books


The Golden Door September 1, 2011
The Silver Door April 4, 2012
The Third Door October 1, 2012

Preceded by

Deltora Quest 3

Followed by

Star of Deltora

The Three Doors is a fantasy book trilogy written by Emily Rodda. The series is set in the same world as in the the Rowan of Rin series, Deltora Quest series, and the Star of Deltora series.

Reception and awardsEdit



The trilogy takes place in Weld on the island of Dorne (an island to the east of Deltora in the Sea of Serpents), during the time of King Lief.

The Golden DoorEdit

Main article: The Golden Door

Rye sets off on a perilous journey to free Weld of the skimmers and to save his brothers, who have been declared dead. He ventures through the Golden Door, accompanied by an unlikely companion, and finds himself gifted with a bag of magical items and participating in a venture to save a team of rebels from the tyrant Olt

The Silver DoorEdit

Main article: The Silver Door

Rye, Sonia and his brother Dirk venture through the Silver Door to search for Sholto, and find themselves in a wasteland and hunted by servants of a being called the Shadow Lord. Revelations are made about the source of the skimmers.

The Third DoorEdit

Main article: The Third Door

Rye, Sonia, Dirk and Sholto go through the wooden door in a final attempt to defeat the Enemy who is sending the skimmers to attack Weld. 

Main charactersEdit


Main article: Rye

The protagonist of the trilogy, Rye is the youngest of three brothers. When the Warden announces a challenge for the young men of Weld to find the source of the skimmers, Dirk and Sholto leave and never return. Contrary to everyone else's beliefs, Rye is certain they are still alive and soon find himself on a quest to rescue them, accompanied by an unlikely companion.


Main article: Sonia

A copper-head girl with brilliant green eyes, Sonia meets Rye's acquaintance in the Chamber of the Three Doors, and insists on accompanying him through the golden door, much to his chagrin. Once outside Weld, Sonia discovers things about herself that she never realised before, including a part of her heritage that has remained hidden until now. 


Main article: Dirk

Rye's eldest brother. He ventures through the golden door and finds himself participating in a rebellion against the tyrant Olt.


Main article: Sholto

Rye's second brother. He goes through the silver door and is believed to be dead for quite some time. He goes undercover in the headquarters of the Shadow Lord. 


Connections to other works by RoddaEdit

The Three Doors is an acknowledged companion trilogy to Deltora Quest. It takes place on the island of Dorne, where the Shadow Lord originated from, during the time of King Lief. 


See alsoEdit

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