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The Last Gem is the forty-first episode of Deltora Quest.

Sypnosis Edit

Lief and the others are bewildered by the identity of the seventh gem's guardian.


The episode starts with the trio decoding the Guardian's name and much to their amazement, it is 'ENDON'. The Guardian tells them to take the Diamond but leave the rest of the gems to him, when they refuses he commands his pets to attack them. They are soon outwited due to the fact that they are attached to the Guradian by cords. Meanwhile, Neridah appears to steals the diamond and run away. When Lief asks the Guardian that why had he allowed Neridah to run away, he replies that, when obtained by illegal means, the Diamond brings bad luck. Meanwhile, the Guardian comes to remove the Belt from Lief, he touches Lapiz Lazuili which opens his mind and his pets starts attacking him and he begs the trio to remove the cord and when they do so, he fells unconscious

Meanwhile, the trio try to find Neridah and soon hear some voices from the nearby tree. When they go there, the see her tied to a tree by Oacus. Oacus attaches the diamond to his sword and starts to fight the heroes. When trying to destroy Lief, however, his magic weakens because of the gem and Lief quickly cuts the tree which falls on him. They then frees Neridah, and knowing that Oacus is still alive, they rushes to land beneath the trio. Seeing the dead end, the trio nearly are killed by Oacus's fire but Lief soon asks Barda and Jasmine to dig up the place. When they do so, they jump with Oacus trapped inside. A huge blast occurs due to increase of pressurized air.

Lief then aska Nerdah to gim him the gim, which she gives. It is found that Neridah had stolen Jasmine's pouch of coins. Lief puts the gem to the belt and return with Jasmine and Barda to the Valley of the Lost, where they are greeted by Torans. Meanwhile, it is found that old man wasn't 'Endom' but Fardeep, former owner of Champion's Inn



Character debutsEdit

Differences From the BooksEdit

  • The Guardian in the book replaced the great Diamond with a fake. In the show, he kept the real one for the companions to take.
  • Neridah stole the real Diamond while the companions were still trying to figure out the riddle in the books. In the show, she took it while they were fighting the Guardian's pets.
  • None of the scenes involving Oacus happened in the books.
  • Neridah dies in the books when she slips on a stone and drowns in a river. She's alive in the show


  • The Japanese title translates to "The Last One, the Diamond".

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