The Land of Dragons (cover)
The Land of Dragons (book)
General information

Emily Rodda


Marc McBride



The Land of Dragons written by Emily Rodda, was a 89-page fantasy book given out exclusively for free as part of the Get Reading! campaign of 2011. It bridges the gap between the Deltora Quest serie and The Three Doors trilogy. The book contained a collection of short stories, including a few Tenna Birdsong Tales and historical texts that also appeared in Tales of Deltora. It also included three new short stories about the island of Dorne, which is where the story of The Three Doors takes place.

Book descriptionEdit

"Legends of ancient Deltora, including the newly discovered tales of Dorne"

Contents Edit

  • Foreword
  • The Land of Dragons
  • Fire and Water
  • The Island of Dorne
  • The Trader's Daughter
  • The Sorcerers of Dorne
  • The Tale of the Sorcerer
  • The Dragon's Egg
  • The Tale of the Pirran Pipe
  • Opal the Dreamer
  • The Shadow Army
  • Adin the Blacksmith

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