The Giant's Song was given to Lief as one of the golden-eyed giant's riddles. Lief incorrectly answered 105, not knowing that it was 106 since Thaegan's favourite food is a live raven.[1]


The Lake of Tears

The giant asked this riddle to Lief after Jasmine and Barda had already completed their's. The giant listed off a number of creatures living in the sorceress Thaegan's cave, and Lief was taksed with adding them up. Lief answered 105, but this was incorrect, as Thaegan had swallowed her favourite food at the beginning o the riddle, which is a live raven. However, Lief was able to free the giant from his curse before he could be executed.[1]



The Giant gives Lief the riddle in the form of a complicated rhyme:

Thaegan gulps her favourite food
In her cave with all her brood:
Hot, Tot, Jin, Jod,
Fie, Fly, Zan, Zod,
Pik, Snik, Lun, Lod
And the dreaded Ichabod.
Each child holds a slimy toad.
On each toad squrim two fat grubs.
On each grub ride two fleas brave.
How many living in Thaegan's cave?[1]

Lief added up the thirteen of Thaegan's children. Plus the thirteen toads. Plus the twenty-six grubs. Plus the fifty-two fleas. Those all added up to 104, he then added Thaegan to the sum, making it 105. But what he did not know was the fact that Theagan's favourite food was a living raven, thus the correct answer was 106.


The Deltora Quest anime had a slightly different variation of the Giant's song.

Sorceress Thaegan gulps her favourite food,
In her cave with all her brood
And the names of her children are,
Hot, Tot, Jin, Jod,
Fie, Fly, Zan, Zod, Pik, Snik,
Lun, Lod and of course the dreaded Ichabod
Each child holds a slimy toad,
On each toad squirms two fat grubs
On each grub rides two fleas brave,
Here's my riddle and so beware,
Answer this riddle now if you dare,
How many thing's are living in Thaegan's cave?


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