The Finger
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Milly (formerly)


Most western point of Diamond territory

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Isle of the Dead

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Secrets of Deltora

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The Finger is a flat peninsula of rock in western Diamond territory surrounded by the Silver Sea to the north and the Ocean of the South to the south. At the tip of the peninsula are Blood Lily Island and the Isle of the Dead.[1] The brown building at its tip has been occupied by many residents, but is currently used as Ava's shop.[2]

History Edit

A small, low, rounded brown building has always stood on The Finger and has had various uses over the centuries. Foreign ships often anchor near The Finger and row longboats to the dock outside the building to drop off passengers, get fresh water, and unload goods.[1]

Secrets of Deltora Edit

Doran visited Milly's Chowder House while writing his book, Secrets of Deltora. The House was owned by Milly and sold chowder and bread, and was decorated with fish oil lanterns. Doran had a bowl of chowder and enjoyed Milly's new-baked bread. Sailors and passengers enjoyed Milly's company and sampled her chowder while ashore.[1]

Isle of the Dead Edit

Lief, Jasmine and Barda arrived at The Finger during their quest to destroy the Sister of the West. They stopped at Ava's shop, which now occupied the brown building, and rowed towards Blood Lily Island.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The Finger is so called because it resembles a pointed finger.
  • The Finger is the most western point of Diamond territory.

References Edit

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