This article is about the book written by Emily Rodda. For the fictional object of the same name go to The Deltora Book of Monsters.
The Deltora Book Of Monsters
The Deltora Book of Monsters (real)
General information

Emily Rodda


Marc McBride


Scholastic Australia


January 1, 2001

The Deltora Book of Monsters is book written by Emily Rodda and illustrated by Marc McBride. It is a guide to the different creatures of Deltora. The book is written in a way that make it sound like a work of the palace librarian Josef. The book was inspired by a book in the story that had the same title, and which was written by Josef, and is supposed to be a real world equivalent to it, just as Tales of Deltora was a real life equivalent to a book by the same name in the story.

Book descriptionEdit

"Deltora is a land of magic and monsters.

Here, gathered together for the first time in one volume, are many of the terrifying creatures that prowl Deltora's forests, mountains and deserts, swim in its waters and patrol its skies.

Magnificently illustrated is full colour and with fascinating facts, The Deltora Book of Monsters is the work of a brave man called Josef - a Deltoran hero, in his own way - who was palace librarian in the time of King Alton.

That was long ago, but the illustrations are as vivid and compelling today as when they were first painted, and Josef's words still carry the passionate ring of truth. The editors are honoured to have been able to make this great work available to the public as last.  It has been hidden for far too long."



  • Josef: The entire book is narrated by the palace librarian Josef since the book are based on his personal experiences with the creatures of Deltora and bits of information that he has gotten from people
  • Steven the pedlar



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