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Champion Inn Front
The Champion Inn
General information

Lapis Lazuli territory




Fardeep (formerly)
Mother Brightly


In use

Physical information





Fardeep (formerly)
Mother Brightly (after the Shadow Lord attacked)

Chronological information
First appearance

The Shifting Sands (only appearance)

The Champion Inn is the most popular, finest, and expensive inn at Rithmere. It is the official Games inn of the Rithmere Games and only available to competitors. Initially all contestants can stay at the inn whether they have money to pay or not. Contestants only pay what they can afford according to Mother Brightly, the hostess. This is most likely the case to attract as many fighters as possible.[1]

History Edit

The Champion Inn was originally owned by Fardeep. After the Shadow Lord took over Deltora, it used the Rithmere Games as a way to recruit people to fight in the Shadow Arena.

The Shifting Sands Edit

Lief, Barda and Jasmine arrived at the Champion Inn after learning about the Rithmere Games. They went inside the inn and encountered the hostess, Mother Brightly. She helped the companions to become official competitors in the Games.[1]

Valley of the Lost Edit


  • Front Desk: for registery
  • Champion Store: for very expensive purchases
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Long Hall: for eating
  • Weapons Storage
  • Medical Examination Room: checking the fitness of a contestant
  • Underground Tunnel: leads to a trap
  • Hideout: Also connected to the underground tunnel

House RulesEdit

  • Only for competitors
  • No weapons
  • No fighting

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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