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Majo tēgan no fukkatsu


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Thaegan's Return is the twenty-second episode of Deltora Quest.



Thaegan is revived by the shadow lord through her ring and is tasked to find and capture the companions. Fallow arrives and tells the shadow lord of the lapis lazuli being gone from the shifting sands. The shadow lord asks Fallow to send the Carn Pod. Thaegan transforms into a bird and finds her remaining children as well as the spirits of Jin and Jod. She transforms fie and fly into a girl and hot and tot into her bag and hat to look trick the companions. The companions meet the girl and lief asks of her name. Fie and fly never thought of giving her a name but made it Francoise. She asked the companions to go with her to her mother's house and in return she would tell them of a short-cut to dread mountain through 'Rainbow Plain'. Lief and barda think her cute and agree but Jasmine is suspicious. When walking, Jasmine notices Francoise's bag grow teeth to bite lief and cries out. No one else saw so she was regarded as hallucinating. Then she saw Francoise's hat try to attack barda but when they turned to look it has returned to her head. Jasmine becomes angry and suspicious.


  • The Japanese title translates to "Sorceress Thaegan's Resurrection".

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