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Tenna of the Jalis





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Original teller of the Tenna Birdsong Tales

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Tales of Deltora

Tenna, or Tenna of the Jalis, was the original recipient of folk tales told to her by a blackbird. She passed these tales down word-for-word and they became known as the Tenna Birdsong Tales. These tales are treasured by the Jalis and before the time of Adin, were rarely told to people not of the Jalis tribe.[1]

History Edit

As a child Tenna found a blackbird caught in a net. She released the bird and in return, it told her many wondrous tales. Tenna remembered the tales, word for word. It became the work of her life to tell them to others. They became known as the Tenna Birdsong Tales and have been treasured by the Jalis ever since. They are passed down from generation to generation and the words never vary. The storytellers of the Jalis tribe are descendants from Tenna.[1]

References Edit

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