The swamp dwellers' language is the native language spoken by swamp dwellers and other Two Moons residents. It is the native language of the turtle people, though others are known to speak it or understand words.[1]

History Edit

Two Moons Edit

Known words Edit

Atta Edit

Swamp mud.

Batak Edit

Foreign or foreigner

Bess Edit

Water or drink.

Ibik Edit

Imbuck Edit

Ishk Edit

Evil or unlucky.

Kaja Edit

Unusual and interesting, strange, special, unique.

Kast Edit

Krest Edit

Likely a word for "very" or "good" or possibly "take"

Nak Edit

No or not.

Per Edit


Tuppi Edit

Small pink rounded sweet.

Known sentences Edit

Krest kaja, per Stassi! Edit

Possible translations may be "Very unique, for Stassi!" or "Take the curiosity, for Stassi!"

References Edit

  1. Rodda, Emily. Two Moons. Omnibus Books. 2015.

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