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The Sunray is a large, carnivorous plant that is found in the shady areas of the Forests of Silence.[1]


Secrets of Deltora Edit

Sunrays were observed by Doran and recorded in his guide, Secrets of Deltora.[1]

Habitat Edit

Sunrays can be found in all three the woods of the Forests of Silence.[1]


The long, fleshy leaves of it, which can be as long as a man is tall, stretches out from the centre which resembles a pile of red berries and lie flat to the ground, forming an almost perfect circle easily mistaken for a patch of sunlight.[1]


Any living thing that unwarily walks upon a Sunray is quickly trapped and devoured as the leaves snap shut with astonishing speed, furling to form a thick spear. In order to make a Sunray release someone, one need to burns it with a lighted torch. A Sunray will make a purring sound when fully fed. This is the only sound it is capable of making.[1]


A Sunray's usual prey consits of Wenn, birds, snakes, wood mice and Leaf Creepers, but large speciemens can and do trap and digest humans at average size.[1]

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