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Star of Deltora cover version

The Star of Deltora as it appears on the cover of Shadows of the Master, painted by Marc McBride.

Star of Deltora2

The Star of Deltora as it appears on its trading card.

The Star of Deltora is a three-masted vessel, originally the ship of Dare Larsett. However, after his quest to find the fabled Staff of Tier ended in blood and horror, the ship became part of the Rosalyn fleet.[1] The ship is currently 40 years old.

History Edit

The money for the ship to be built was lent by Mab, in recognition of Larsett's long and valuable service to the Rosalyn fleet.[1]This happened 40 years prior to the Rosalyn Trust competition.

Shadows of the Master Edit

Two Moons Edit

The Towers of Illica Edit

The Hungry Isle Edit

Dare larsett flag

The flag of the Star of Deltora.

Design Edit

The ship is a large three-masted vessel with golden sails and a wooden hull. The Star sails under the flag of the Rosalyn fleet, but when it was under Dare Larsett it had flown under a flag with a white star on deep blue background. The star was a regular enneagram, having nine points.[1]

Layout Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The illustrations of the ship seems to follow a late Renaissance design.
  • The Star of Deltora is 40 years old by the Star of Deltora series, and 20 years old by the end of Deltora Quest 3.

References Edit

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