Staff of Tier
General information
Alternative name(s)

Staff of Life and Death (on a stone left by Bar-Enoch in the turtle-shaped cave on Illica)

Owned by

Tier (formerly)
Bar-Enoch (formerly)
Dare Larsett (formerly)
Mikah (formerly)

Created by


In possession of



To bring life to the Isle of Tier, perform magic and cure all ills

Chronological information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle

The Staff of Tier is an ancient magical weapon which was created by Tier out of bitter vengeance for his people's rejection of him. It is very powerful in the hands of the wielder, but carries a heavy burden. The Staff is said to be able to cure all ills. 



After Tier were betrayed by the people of Two Moons and exiled by them to a small, remote island, he created the Staff of Tier out of vengeance for their actions by taking handfuls of sand from the island's shore and pressing it between his hands. He poured all his magic, grief, passion and rage into the Staff. He then went to the heart of the island, and plunged the Staff into the earth, causing the island to come alive and granting it the ability to move where it willed and devour other life where it found it. Ships, monsters of the deep and even smaller islands were consumed by the Isle.


Tier lived for centuries, but he eventually grew bored with life and welcomed death. While he died the island lived on. One day a pirate named Bar-Enoch came to the Isle of Tier, and by trickery defied Tier's spell and took the Staff, wresting it from the island's heart and bringing it with him to use for his evil deeds. Thus the Isle of Tier were no longer able to move or consume anything.


Destruction Edit

Appearance Edit

The Staff of Tier was a long, sleek, black diamond staff.


The Staff of Tier has the ability to make the Isle of Tier come alive. Legend says it cures all ills.




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