Spitfire Dragon
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Lapis Lazuli territory


Young reptiles



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Secrets of Deltora (only appearance)

The Spitfire Dragon is a small reptile of Lapis Lazuli territory. Typically residing rocky areas in the north, the Spitfire Dragon is commonly mistaken for a dragon.[1]

History Edit

Secrets of Deltora Edit

Doran studied and described Spitfire Dragons in Secrets of Deltora.[1]

Anatomy Edit

Spitfire Dragons resemble miniature dragons and can be as big as a two-year old Muddlet calf. Loose flaps of skin on the sides of their bodies resemble small wings which puff up when Spitfire Dragons attack, causing their scales to change from a dull, grey-blue to shining silver.[1]

Behaviour Edit


The Spitfire Dragon spits fiery venom at prey.

Spitfire Dragons spit their peculiar venom at their prey or at attackers. They also puff themselves up when trying to attack or defend themselves. Spitfire Dragon venom, despite its fiery appearance, does not burn or blister; instead, it numbs and paralyses the affected area, spreading very quickly if the venom is not washed away.[1]

Diet Edit

Spitfire Dragons generally prey on birs and the young of other lizards and snakes, but will spit poison at any creature that moves close to them.[1]

References Edit

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