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The sparking rod was developed around the time Lief, Jasmine, Barda, and Emlis entered the Shadowlands. The Bak pod considered using the rods against Vraals because of its effectiveness and strength.

History Edit

The Shadowlands Edit

Main article: The Shadowlands (book)


The rod can switch to different levels of power: shower, stun, and full.


This mode causes a shower of sparks and is usually used to mock or provoke prisoners. One example was... (need to write example with Pi-Ban.)


The effectiveness of stun is based on the size of the victim (ex. two strikes against Barda; one against Lief and Jasmine). A chain effect occurs if all the energy per strike is not used transferring the remaining energy to next closest victims (ex. Jasmine with Kree). If there are no victims nearby, the shock can be lethal since all the energy is forced onto one.


A potential mode that the Baks would have used against Vraals because the stun mode would be ineffective. This mode would be lethal against humans and other smaller opponents.

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