Pik Snik
Biographical information



Ruby territory (temporary residence)


Unknown (deceased)

Physical description




Hair color


Skin color


Personal information

Tamm (grandmother, deceased)
Thaegan (mother, deceased)
Pik (twin, deceased)
Hot (sibling, deceased)
Tot (sibling, deceased)
Lun (sibling, deceased)
Lod (sibling, deceased)
Fie (sister, deceased)
Fly (brother, deceased)
Jin (sister, deceased)
Jod (brother, deceased)
Zan (brother, deceased)
Zod (sibling, deceased)
Ichabod (brother, deceased)



Chronological and political information


First appearance

The Lake of Tears (mentioned)

Last appearance

City of the Rats

Snik is one of the Sorceress Thaegan's thirteen monstrous children.


Snik was born sometime after Thaegan's return to Deltora. Its father, if there was one, is unknown. It and its twelve siblings roamed Deltora's northeast, terrorising the countryside.

The Deltora Book of Monsters Edit

Snik and its siblings captured a group of travelers on the road and ate all but one before falling asleep. The man was able to escape, though he had no memory of anything before the incident. Josef met this man, and learned information about Thaegan's children from him for his book.[1]

The Lake of Tears Edit

Snik was mentioned in the Enigmatic Giant's riddle to Lief.[2]

City of the Rats Edit

Snik, Pik, and their nine surviving siblings—Hot, Tot, Fie, Fly, Zan, Zod, Lun, Lod, and Ichabod— join forces to seek vengeance on Lief, Barda and Jasmine for the deaths of their mother and siblings. Aa wolves, they pursued the companions and caught them in a net trap. Lief tricked them into fighting one another over how to divide up the three people. The fighting became lethal, and Snik and all its siblings died, except for Ichabod.[3]

Physical appearanceEdit

Snik was covered in long brown hair, like its twin Pik.

In the anime it is a brown baboon-like creature.

Abilities Edit

Snik had shapeshifting powers that allowed it to take on the form of a wolf, and possibly other forms as well.

Anime Edit

Snik (anime)

Snik in the anime

Trivia Edit

Like many of Thaegan's children, Snik's gender is not given. However, it could be the "hairy brother" mentioned during the siblings' brawl.

References Edit

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