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Sky sphere
Sky sphere
General information
Owned by

Unnamed Fellan (formerly)
Dare Larsett (formerly)

Created by

Unnamed Fellan

In possession of



Look into


To show swirling, moving colours on the inside resembling a sky

Chronological information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master

Last appearance

Two Moons

The sky sphere is a magical glass ball. Swirling, moving colours resembling a sky is visible inside the orb. The sky sphere is a glass ball set into a metallic silver stand.[1]

History Edit

The sky sphere was created on Dorne through magic, presumably by a Fellan.

Shadows of the Master Edit

Dare Larsett found the sky sphere covered in dust in a dark corner of a tiny, out-of-the-way shop in Dorne. The sphere became Larsett's most prized possession and he always kept it on his writing desk. When Larsett sought out the Staff of Tier and woke the Isle of Tier, Larsett's family had to go into hiding and was forced to sell the sky sphere with everything he owned.[1]

Two Moons Edit

References Edit

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