Silver Sea
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To the west of Deltora

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Tales of Deltora

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The Hungry Isle

The Silver Sea is a large, open body of water located to the west of Deltora, and is one of the nine seas in the world. It borders the Ocean of the South to the east. Islands located in this sea includes the Isle of the Four Sisters, Two Moons, Maris, the Land of the Zebak, the Isle of Tier and Illica.

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Isle of the Four Sisters Edit

Two Moons Edit

Maris Edit

Land of the Zebak Edit

Isle of Tier Edit

Illica Edit


  • Emily Rodda revealed at the Melbourne Writers Festival in 2012, that the islands on which her Rowan of Rin series is set, are located somewhere to Deltora's west. In the Star of Deltora series it was confirmed that the islands, called Maris and the Land of the Zebak, lie in the Silver Sea.
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