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Silence Spider
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Secrets of Deltora (only appearance)

The Silence Spider is an extremely venomous spider that lives within the Forests of Silence. It has a bite that is almost instantly fatal.[1]

Synopsis Edit

Secrets of DeltoraEdit

Doran encountered Silence Spiders during his travels throughout Deltora and recorded them in his field-guide Secrets of Deltora.[1]


Silence Spiders are extremely aggressive and venomous spiders that will attack anything that ventures near their webs, which are usually strung between two trees.[1]


Silence Spiders are small spiders that are coloured black with a red stripe. All of them are as small as your index finger.[1]


Silence Spiders dwell within all of the Forest of Silence in Topaz territory.[1]


Silence Spiders are insectivores, eating any kind of bug that wanders into its web.[1]

References Edit

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