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There is no denying that Deltora can be dangerous for the unwary or ill-informed!

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General information

Shadow Lord


Home of The Shadow Lord

Physical information

Originally Pirra


Pirra (formerly)

Form of government


Head of State



Shadow Lord

Chronological information
First appearance

The Forests of Silence

Last appearance

The Third Door

The Shadowlands, previously known as Pirra, is the Shadow Lord's domain and the birthplace of Ols, Grey Guards and many other creatures and monsters. Originally known as Pirra, the Shadow Lord took over the island and made it his own after he came to Deltora. The majority of the land is deserted and dead, with mountains and hills in various and several shapes.[1][2]


Shadowlands map-0

The Barrie Mountains separated the Shadowlands from Deltora.

Tales of DeltoraEdit

After the death of the Piper, the people of Pirra were divided on who should be their new leader. The Shadow Lord, back when he was still the wizard Malverlain, used this divide to split apart the Pirran Pipe. He then invaded the following day, corrupting the land to its core.

During the first invasion of Deltora, the Shadow Lord would bring prisoners back into the Shadowlands for experimentation and entertainment.[1]

Cavern of The Fear Edit

After the Shadow Lord was banished from Deltora by king Lief, it took thousands of Deltoran's back to the Shadowlands as prisoners. The most recent batch were the people of Noradz.[3]

The Shadowlands Edit

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine finally entered the Shadowlands to free the slaves. They were teleported by the Kerons to a large plain known as Dead Plain. Emlis was with the companions but when they were arguing he dissappeared out of sight. Lief quickly realised that he had been overrun by Scuttler Beetles. They managed to save him before he was killed by the carnivorous beetles.

Wild Ones

Wild Ones.

Shortly after they found Emlis the Wild Ones started to crawl from their shelter. They spotted the companions and gave chase but they were interrupted by the mark of the Shadow Lord that appeared in the sky. This apparently affected the Wild Ones in some way, they feared that mark. The companions used this to their advantage but the Wild Ones still came after them.

As they ran away from the Wild Ones, the companions spotted a rocky


The companions encountered a Stinger.

formation and they climbed over it. They climbed over another row of rocks but encountered a Stinger there. The Wild Ones were unable to locate the companions properly and the Stinger slowly cornered them. Lief then alerted the Wild Ones and they came rushing over the rocks. Soon the Wild Ones were entangled in a fight with the Stinger and this allowed the companions to escape.

The companions regrouped and discussed how to proceed. They agreed to move west but Lief was seized by Claw before they could move. A long discussion between the Shadowlands Resistance members and the companions emerged. Eventually they agreed upon helping each other and they all set off to the Shadow Arena.

The group moved trough an underground tunnel and found the second Resistance cell. It had been raided by the Shadow Lord and its servants. The members of the Resistance who lived in the cell were either killed or taken prisoner. Shortly after the discovery, the group exited the cell and began to move towards the Shadow Arena.

While moving towards the Shadow Arena, the group saw the Factory looming in the distance. Claw turned around and spotted a Vraal moving towards them. He ordered everyone to run and Jasmine took the lead. The Resistance members went into hiding immediately when they reached the Garbage mounds. However, Jasmine had led the companions the wrong way and suddenly they were right in front of the Factory. They all tumbled down into the Garbage mounds and realised that those mounds mostly consisted of expired Grey Guards. The Vraal closed in on the companions but they entered the Factory and shut the door before it could harm them.

Inside the Factory the companions discovered the terrible secret of the Grey Guards. They were made in the Shadow Factory and only lived 7 years after which they were replaced with a new batch. Lief also heard a familiar voice inspecting the Grey Guards. Two people were talking about the developing speed of the Grey Guards. Lief tried his best to look at the two people without getting caught. At first he only saw one person who resembled Fallow, the other smaller person was facing away from him.

When at last the smaller person turned around, Lief saw it was Tira. He knew that something was wrong with her because he did not recognise the girl who had saved them anymore. She seemed completely brainwashed. The companions quickly moved to another room to avoid being spotted. As they moved on, the companions saw a door marked with the words 'Conversion Project'. In that room they discovered the Shadow Lord's plan and why Tira was not herself. The companions found the box with the carrier worms and realised those were the source of evil once they had entered your body.

Fauna in the Shadowlands Edit

Despite the dead appearance of the Shadowlands, some animals do live within it. Some roam wild near the Shuttering Shield or across the plain. Others are servants of the Shadow Lord and members of the Shadow Army. Some are sentient, semi-sentient, or non-sentient.

No Flora has ever been identified, but here is some of the fauna:


The FactoryEdit

Main article: The Factory

Garbage moundsEdit

Main article: Garbage mounds

Shadow ArenaEdit

Main article: Shadow Arena

The Shadow Arena is a large stadium where slaves fight Vraal for the entertainment of the Shadow Lord and his creatures.

Resistance HideoutsEdit

There are two Resistance hideouts in the Shadowlands.

One is called Cell 1 which is where the headquarters and water supply is. The second hideout, which was called Cell 2, was discovered by the Shadow Lord and raided.




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