For the town of the same name, see Shadowgate
General information

North of the town of Shadowgate

Physical information

Inside Barrier Mountains


Emerald territory



Chronological information
First appearance

Shadowgate (only appearance)

Shadowgate is an area north of the town Shadowgate. The town has been named after the area. It can be reached by walking through the Barrier Mountains.[1]


Some time during the reign of King Lucan, the Sister of the North was put in place in the area of Shadowgate.

Honora, the last of the emerald dragons, chose the mountains around Shadowgate as her hiding place when told to sleep by Doran the Dragonlover.[1]

Kirsten arrived in Shadowgate some time after fleeing from the town of the same name. Here she built a castle to help guard the Sister of the North and became its guardian. Her sister, Mariette, and her former lover, Bede, arrived at her castle one day seeking shelter, and were made into her prisoners.[1]

Shadowgate Edit

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine arrived at Shadowgate on the back of Fortuna.[1]
Shadowgate warning stone

A plaque of stone which warns travellers



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