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Shadow Arena (anime)
Shadow Arena
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Grey Guards, Ols

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Next to the Factory


The Shadowlands


The Shadow Lord


The Shadow Lord

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The Shifting Sands (mentioned)

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The Shadowlands

The Shadow Arena is located within the Shadowlands and connected to the Factory by an underground tunnel. The arena is used by the Shadow Lord to put his prisoners up against his evil creatures, most of the time killing them. They mostly fight against vicious Vraals, the Shadow Lord's personal fighting beast.[1]

In the Deltora Quest anime the Shadow Arena is shown to have columns that circle the inside of it, which is where the audience (mostly Grey Guards and Ols) is seated and watches the brutal fights.


The Shifting SandsEdit

Main article: The Shifting Sands (book)

After taking control of the Rithmere games, the Shadow Lord used the games as a way to find new combatants for the Shadow Arena. All finalists and semi finalists were captured after the games and carted to the Shadowlands to fight Vraal in the arena.[1]

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine were captured by two Grey Guard and overhead them talking about the Shadow Arena.[1]

The Valley of the LostEdit

Main article: The Valley of the Lost (book)

Doom explains to Lief, Barda, and Jasmine how he escaped from the Shadow Arena and made his way back to Deltora.

The ShadowlandsEdit

Main article: The Shadowlands (book)

The Shadow Arena was where the Shadow Lord planned to unveil his Conversion Project.

Known EscapeesEdit


  • The Arena is most likely inspired by the gladiatorial fights hosted at the Colosseum and amphitheaters of ancient Rome.

References Edit

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