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Scrawn was a member of Laughing Jack's crew on his ship The Lady Luck. Scrawn later became an undead human with the rest of the crew, forced to row the ship forever.[1]


Some time before the Belt of Deltora was broken, The Lady Luck appeared near the Bone Point Lighthouse. Laughing Jack went ashore and cheated the then keeper of the light: Red Han. He took his daughter, Verity, and used his powers to lock up Red Han while he escaped.

Later, the crew members of The Lady Luck tried to starve her but birds from the sea brought her food. Scrawn was ordered by Laughing Jack to drive the birds away but did not succeed in doing so. Eventually Coffin led the mutiny against Laughing Jack in which Scrawn also participated. Scrawn, however, fell for the bargain that Laughing Jack offered the crew and because of this had to man the oars indefinitely.[1]

Isle of the Dead

Lief and Barda spotted the undead crew members during their stay on The Lady Luck. Scrawn was most-likely among them. When the companions returned to Ava's shop after destroying the Sister of the West, Laughing Jack appeared and demanded the Belt of Deltora. Lief refused even though he held Jasmine as a hostage. Jasmine struggled wildly and a bag of money containing a coin from The Lady Luck fell from her clothes. Laughing Jack claimed the money bag including the coin from The Lady Luck, breaking his vow. The undead crew members appeared and they dragged Laughing Jack inside The Lady Luck to man the oars.[1]

Physical appearance

Scrawn had a face like a rat. He wore a striped, woollen cap.[1]


Scrawn was greedy and could not resist Laughing Jack's offer even though Laughing Jack had always treated them unfairly. He was not afraid to speak his mind to Laughing Jack when he ordered them to row. According to him they were not paid to row and they did not wish to man the oars. This changed however, when Laughing Jack offered them money.[1]


Scrawn was an experienced sailor because he served on The Lady Luck for quite some time. He could also row reasonably well.[1]


Deltora Quest

Deltora Quest 3



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