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Forley (husband, deceased)


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Rowan of Rin

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Rowan of the Bukshah

Sara is a woman from the village of Rin, and is mother of Allun and the widow of Forley.[1]


Early LifeEdit

As a young woman Sara fell in love with Forley of the Travellers, one autumn when the Travellers camped close to Rin. It was a shock to the entire village, and many people tried hard to change her mind, believing it to be a mistake. But Sara would not be moved, and left the village to travel with him and his tribe. Together Sara and Forley had a son, Allun. Sara was very happy with her choice and her new life, and it was written on her face for all to see. However, her happiness did not last. Forley was killed during the five-year-long War of the Plains, rendering Sara a widow and Allun fatherless. Because Traveller life had no sweetness for her without her husband there with her, Sara returned with Allun to Rin to raise him there surrounded by her own people.[1]

Rowan of RinEdit

Sara is afraid and anxious when Allun volunteered to join the Mountain party, but hid it, as is the Rin way. She was later glad that he went, because it helped him realise that he was not inferior to others in Rin and allowed him to be a hero.[2]

Rowan and the Travellers  Edit

Sara was glad to see the Travellers return to Rin, but wonders and fears at their reasons, for it has only been a year since they last came. She is upset at Lann's order to not let the Travellers into the village, and is almost visibly pained when forced to politely reject Ogden's offer to come into the village with her and Allun so they can talk together (this being after Allun claims that they cannot stay to speak with Ogden in the camp for Sara is tired and must go back to the village to rest).

Sara falls victim to the sleeping spell cast by the Unrin trees, but is later cured by Sheba's slip-daisy brew. When Ogden tells his tale of the destruction of the Unrin trees, she sits beside Allun with his arm around her shoulders.[1]

Physical appearanceEdit


Sara is very kind-hearted and warm. In her younger days, she was known to be very sensible, so it was a surprise to all in Rin when she fell in love with Forley and chose to leave the village to be with him. She may appear to be a typical grandmotherly person, but underneath she is just as strong and courageous as any Rin villager.


As a former schoolteacher, Sara is presumably good at teaching and caring for young children.


Unnamed child


Rowan of RinEdit

  • Rowan of Rin
  • Rowan and the Travellers
  • Rowan and the Zebak



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