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Ralad builders' chief in the time of King Lucan

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The Sister of the South (mentioned; only appearance)

Rufus was the Ralad builders' chief during King Lucan's reign.[1]

History Edit

Rufus visited the palace chapel after it had been finished, and saw the platform which had been added without the Ralad builders' knowledge or consent. Rufus thought the platform hideous, and, outraged that the platform had been added, wrote a letter to Lucan asking for the room to be reverted. Drumm responded to Rufus with a blunt note claiming that the king wished the chapel to remain in its current state and forbade him to broach the subject again.[1]

The Sister of the South Edit

Manus told King Lief about Rufus and his displeasure for the chapel platform, which helped Lief to realise the hiding place for the Sister of the South.

Physical appearance Edit

Rufus, like all Ralads, had short stature, blue-grey skin, black eyes, and a tuft of red hair.[2]

Abilities Edit

Rufus was a talented builder with an eye for beauty.[1]

Appearances Edit

Deltora Quest Edit

Deltora Quest 3 Edit

References Edit

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