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Ruby dragon
General information

Ruby territory


Fish, Pig Rat, snake, Painted Plain Deer Sea Serpents


Critically endangered


King, good-natured, slow to anger, good sense of humour, enjoy games

Chronological information
Last appearance

Tales of Deltora

Ruby dragon are a species of dragon native to Ruby territory.


Hundreds of years ago, the Ruby dragons were the victims of theft by the Capricons, who stole unhatched eggs from the dragon's nests and sucked them dry to create lanterns to decorate their city. The dragons warned them to halt these actions on several occasions, but the Capricons were obsessed with adding to Capra's splendour and refused to listen. As such, the dragons attacked the city and leveled it, refusing to allow their young to be slaughtered any longer. As the centuries passed, the tale of Capra's destruction was distorted, with many coming to believe that the dragons had destroyed Capra out of envy; this was done without thought for the fact that the dragons' realm encompassed the entire Ruby territory with all of its natural beauties.

Like the other dragon tribes, the Ruby dragons were hunted to the verge of extinction by the Shadow Lord's Ak-Baba to prevent them from interfering in his conquest of Deltora, with Joyeu being the last known surviving member of the tribe.





Fish, Pig Rat, snake, Painted Plain Deer Sea Serpents.




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