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The Rithmere Games, or simply the Games, was an annual competition held in Rithmere. Every year when the Games were held, the city was alive with festivals, games and stores. The competitors stayed in The Champion Inn for sleeping, training, and eating. Finalists were given one hundred gold coins and the grand winners one thousand.

History Edit

Long before the Shadow Lord claimed Deltora and broke the Belt of Deltora, the town of Rithmere was invaded by bandits. The Shadow Lord planned this invasion and most of the people who lived in Rithmere were killed. Back then Fardeep owned The Champion Inn but his family was killed and he had to flee Rithmere. The Shadow Lord created a new type of Games to lure the strongest fighters of Deltora and capture them. These games became known as the Rithmere Games. The Champion Inn served a special purpose after the Games. Finalists would be captured by Grey Guards when the host(ess) offered them a secret way out of the Inn to avoid bandits.

The Shifting Sands Edit

The Shadowlands Edit

Registration processEdit

Each player is registered under a specific category of skills (speed, strength, agility, etc.), weighed and measured. He or she is given a coloured piece of cloth tied around their wrist labeled with their name, ability, height, and weight. This information is also written down in a book. The cloths are like access cards for the Games and food and drink in The Champion Inn.

Rithmere Games (anime)

The Rithmere Games arena in the anime

Game rulesEdit

  • No weapons allowed
    • In the anime, certified Rithmere Games weapons are allowed
  • A competitor who is knocked out of the ring is eliminated
  • A competitor who is unable to fight is eliminated
  • A competitor cannot rest until the battle is complete


  • Most winners were known to disappear after the games. Rumours spread that winners were unwilling to share their prize with others, but the Resistance discovered that the purpose of the Games was to identify the best fighters in Deltora and bring them to the Shadow Arena, where they would fight Vraal for sport.

Competitors Edit

Champions Edit

Finalists Edit


  • The Games as organised by the Shadow Lord were first held, ten years before the quest for the Belt began.


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