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Along The Golden Way near Ruby-Opal border, and south-east of Happy Vale


Ruby territory



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Secrets of Deltora

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Map of Ruby territory
Purley is a village in northern Ruby territory lying along The Golden Way on its eastern side, and south-east of Happy Vale. Purley is relatively close to the Ruby-Opal territory border.[1]


Secrets of Deltora Edit

Doran mentioned Purley in Secrets of Deltora and camped next to a stream outside of the village.[1]

Shadowgate Edit

Steven visited Purley with his mother's best hive of bees, after hearing flowers were blooming in the east, though he returned disappointed.

Bess commented that the new orphans of the Masked Ones needed a performance to lift their spirits after seeing the city of Happy Vale deserted. She decided the troupe should head for Purley, for despite her dislike of the village, she knew they would have a good audience.[2]

Locations Edit

Spring Edit

Purley has a spring from which its people get their drinking water. The Sister of the North had been poisoning it with its song since its inception, until Lief, Barda and Jasmine destroyed it with the help of Joyeu. Following this the water cleared up.

Surroundings Edit

There are wild food to be had around the village.


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