Prin's mother


Physical description




Personal information

Prin (daughter)
Kin (family)
Jasmine (friend)
Lief (friend)
Barda (friend)

Prin's mother is a Kin who was forced to leave Dread Mountain, alongside all other Kin. She is very protective of her daughter Prin.


Prin's mother lived on Dread Mountain alongside the other Kin  until they were forced to leave when the Dread Gnomes began hunting them with poisoned arrows. She fled to the Dreaming Spring alongside the remaining Kin. Every night she would use the water from the spring to dream of the mountain and visit it.

Sometime after her escape from Dread Mountain, she gave birth to Prin.

Dread MountainEdit

Prin's mother was very protective of her daughter, scolding her for behaving recklessly and forbidding her from accompanying Lief and his companions to Dread Mountain. She later apologised for her daughter's absence upon the friends' departure, unaware that Prin intended to follow them.

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