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Prandine was a grade 3 Ol who was disguised as the chief advisor for King Alton and later King Endon but secretly served the Shadow Lord.


Prandine was the chief advisor under King Alton, having held the position since Prince Endon and Jarred were young boys. Prandine crowned Endon King of Deltora after Alton's death, placing the Belt of Deltora around the boy’s waist. When Jarred confronted Endon after reading The Belt of Deltora, insisting that he put on the Belt immediately despite the Rule, Prandine confronted him, calling Jarred a traitor. Prandine called for the guards, driving Jarred from the palace, and eventually received word that the boy had drowned.

In the seven years following Endon's coronation, Prandine selected a wife for the king, Sharn. It is implied that Prandine orchestrated Min's death, as the old nurse had tried to warn Endon of the evil in the palace. On the night that the Belt of Deltora was destroyed, Prandine confronted Jarred, Endon and Sharn, admitting that the Ol had been responsible for the deaths of Endon's parents. Prandine gloated, explaining how the chief advisors had weakened the royal family for generations. As Prandine was talking, Sharn tricked Prandine into thinking that she had seen something outside the tower and when Prandine went to the window to see for himself, the queen pushed him from the tower to his death.

The Forests of SilenceEdit

Endon and Barda managed to discern where the gems from the Belt of Deltora had been hidden partly because of Prandine; the Ol had told Endon that the gems were hidden in places where no one would dare search for them. Endon and Barda learned from travelers that Ak-Baba were seen flying above seven of the most dangerous places in Deltora, ideal places to hide the gems.

Dread Mountain Edit

Endon mistook Fallow for Prandine because of their identical appearance, though Fallow corrected him, revealing that the Ol had taken Prandine's form because the Shadow Lord wanted him to. Fallow indicated that the Shadow Lord did not know the exact circumstances surrounding Prandine's death; while it was clear Prandine had fallen to his death, Fallow did not know who had caused the fall.

Return to Del Edit

Recalling what he had heard Fallow say, Lief realised that Fallow and Prandine were both Grade 3 Ols. Lief recalled that Prandine had died from a fall, leading him to conclude that Grade 3 Ols could be killed in the same way as any human.

Dragon's NestEdit

Prandine's conversation with the Shadow Lord immediately after Endon's crowning was recorded by the Shadow Lord's crystal and a small bit of that conversation was spat out by the crystal as it was being destroyed.


Prandine's role in the anime is identical to his book counterpart. Here, however, Barda has a deep hatred for him for the death of his mother, revealed when he faces Fallow and calls him Prandine. When inside Thaegan's Mirror of Fear, Pik and Snik transformed into a copy of Prandine to torment Barda.

Physical appearanceEdit

Prandine's normally form was that of a tall, thin, sour-faced man. Prandine wore long robes – their colours varied, including black and purple – and resembled a bird of prey when the Ol walked. As an Ol, Prandine could potentially take any form it wished.


Prandine initially maintained the air of a serious, grumpy man, but one who was loyal to the Rule and the King of Deltora. In truth, Prandine was a cold, cruel individual with unshakeable loyalty to the Shadow Lord. Prandine took great pleasure in doing his master's bidding and manipulated the royal family's trust in him. Prandine looked down on Endon and Sharn as being spineless and foolish, though that arrogance ultimately led to Prandine's death, as the Ol underestimated Sharn.


Prandine was a Grade 3 Ol, capable of shapeshifting perfectly into any form the Ol wished, allowing him to be the perfect spy for the Shadow Lord. Prandine was an expert liar and deceiver, maintaining the same control over the royal family as all the chief advisors before him. Prandine also owned a poisoned knife, which the Ol claimed could kill with even the smallest scratch. Prandine used this knife to murder King Alton and his wife.

As a servant of the Shadow Lord Prandine could not directly touch the Belt of Deltora and was very careful around it as a result. As a Grade 3 Ol in the form of a human, Prandine could die in the same way as a human and was ultimately killed by falling from the palace's highest tower.

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