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"Polypans are hairy, ape-like beings..."

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Chewing Toffee






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The Maze of the Beast

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Shadows of the Master


A polypan as seen in the anime

Polypans are monkey-like creatures found in Deltora and Dorne. They are valued because of their strength, work ethics and little means of pay. They are not common in Deltora or Dorne, and are usually associated with unscrupulous owners.[1]

History Edit

Arrival in Deltora Edit

Polypans arrived in Deltora on ships from foreign ports and were either sold to Deltorans or abandoned their ships.[2]

Secrets of Deltora Edit

The Golden Door Edit

The Maze of the Beast Edit

Barda believed he saw a Polypan in Rithmere, collecting money for a woman playing violin.[3]

The Captain of the River Queen owned a Polypan named Chett. He sent him from the River Queen to the shore of the River Tor in a rowboat to pick up Lief, Barda, and Dain when they asked for passage on the boat. Aboard the River Queen, Chett performed basic tasks like weighing anchor and lighting lanterns. When pirates raided the boat, they took Chett with them.[3]

The Valley of the Lost Edit

Chett followed Dain when Lief, Barda and Jasmine rescued him from the burning pirate ship. Dain claimed Chett had gone mad and set the boat on fire. The Polypan took the oars from Lief and Barda and rowed the craft to the riverbank amid the raging waters, but abandoned the four companions as soon as the boat reached the shore, leaving them to be swept away by the current.[4]

Shadowgate Edit

Zerry of the Masked Ones wore the mask of a Polypan. His mask reflected his person, because he was an expert thief and pickpocket.[5]

Shadows of the Master Edit

Captain Gripp owns a Polypan named Bosun. Bosun makes tea and runs errands for Gripp.[6]

Anatomy Edit

Polypans are small, furry creatures, not much taller than a 10-year-old child. They have large feet and hands and an ape-like face. Despite their small size, Polypans have great strength.[1]

Behaviour Edit

Polypans are sneaky, hard workers and are skilled pick-pockets. They are also dangerous, selfish, and will not hesitate to abandon their owners at the first sign of danger or if their supply of chewing toffee runs out.[2] They cannot speak, but understand simple instructions. Polypans can be loving and loyal companions to people who treat them well. Polypans are strong and can handle oars expertly.[4]

Diet Edit

Whilst a Polypan's full diet is unknown, most Polypans become addicted to chewing toffee while young.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Chett and Bosun are the only known named Polypans.

References Edit

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