"Plume's playing was so stirring that the crowd cheered."
The Tale of the Pirran Pipe[1]

Plume the Brave
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Cavern of The Fear (appears in a short story)

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Tales of Deltora (appears in a short story)

Plume the Brave was one of three candidates for the position of Piper upon the event of the previous Piper's death. Plume's story is told in the Tenna Birdsong Tale titled The Tale of the Pirran Pipe.[1]

History Edit

Plume competed for the position of Piper when the previous Piper died. Plume's music was so inspiring it made the audience cheer. After each candidate played the Pirran Pipe, the audience cast a vote. Plume and the other two competitors, Auron the Fair and Keras the Unknown, each had an equal number of votes. The three played the Pipe again and again, but the tie remained unbroken. Each candidate's followers refused to vote for another player. Night fell, and after the thirteenth round of votes, a hooded man came forward and urged the three factions to split the Pipe between themselves. Plume received the mouthpiece of the Pipe and became the leader of a tribe known as the Plumes.[1]

Plume's followers fled to an underground sea when shadows overtook their land. They settled on the Isle of Plume.[1]

Abilities Edit

Plume was an exceptionally skilled musician.[1]

Appearances Edit

Deltora Quest Edit

Deltora Quest 2 Edit

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References Edit

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