Place of Punishment
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Topaz territory

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Palace of Del




Shadow Lord

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Return to Del (only appearance)

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Map of Topaz territory
The Place of Punishment was a place, built on the grounds of the palace of Del, where people were executed or tortured in public by the Shadow Lord's servants.[1]


Return to Del Edit

After capturing Barda, Jasmine, and the leaders of the Resistance, Fallow had them brought to the Place of Punishment to be publicly executed alongside Endon and Sharn, then disguised as Jarred and Anna. When the Shadow Lord was banished from Deltora, Lief had the Place of Punishment destroyed.[citation needed]

Appearance Edit

The Place was a wooden platform supported on great poles, which stretched all the way from the windows of the great hall of the palace to the wall that ringed the palace garden. The flag of the Shadowlands, a red hand on a grey background, hung from a flagpole directly above the Place.

The platforms were also decorated with metal cones filled with boiling liquid that provided light for the executions. This liquid might also have been used in the executions, as Fallow died from being drenched in it.



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