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Pirran Caverns
General information

Plumes, Aurons, Kerons



Physical information

Underneath Deltora

Chronological information
First appearance

Cavern of The Fear

Last appearance

The Shadowlands

The Pirran Caverns are a giant underground cave system, running the entire length of Deltora. The Caverns consists of three isles were the three different groups of Pirrans settled down, after they were forced out of Pirra by the Shadow Lord. The Cavern are filled with water, forming an underground ocean, with the ceiling changing colour to accmodate with the gemstone of the tribe it is situated beneath.
Pirran Caverns map

Lief's traced map of the Pirran Islands, mapped by Doran.


Each Isle's people had a piece of the Pirran pipe which was split due to trickery by the Shadow Lord. The Plumes had the mouthpiece of the flute, although it was stolen and eventually ended up with Glock. The Auron's had the Middle Stem, and the Keras had the Endpiece. 


Pirran Islands Edit

Main article: Pirran Islands

Barren Island Edit

Auron Rafts Edit



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