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History Keeper of the Aurons

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The Isle of Illusion

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The Shadowlands

Penn is a Pirran and History Keeper of the Auron tribe.[1]


The Isle of IllusionEdit

After the companions arrive on the Auron rafts, they were entrusted to Penn's care. She educated them on Auron history: how they were driven from their island, and how Doran arrived to give the Aurons the gift of fire.

At the companions request, she brought them to the island of Auron. Like Lief, she was affected by the power of the Pirran Pipe, and had to splash her face with water and dig her nails into her arm to keep focus. Because of this, she allowed the boat to drift too close to the island. This attracted the attention of two Arachs. They destroyed the boat, but Penn summoned two giant eels to bring them to safety.

After the companions destroyed the Dome and returned the Aurons' power to them, Penn explained that she had held back some information from them on the request of the Piper of Auron. She also adopted Flash and Fury, who ceased fighting with each other after viewing the Arachs.[1]

The ShadowlandsEdit

Penn escorted the companions on their way to Keras, wishing them luck on their quest. Later, she arrive with the rest of the Pirrans when they heard the call of the Pirran Pipe. She combined her magic with the others to rescue the prisoners in the Shadowlands and bring them to the underground sea. Afterwards, she told the companions how they would all forget their experiences upon leaving the sea, and gave them each a soul-stone.[2]

Physical appearanceEdit

Penn has short stature, pale grey skin, a dog-like face, and hands intricately tattooed from wrist to fingertip.[1]



A wall hanging in Penn's hut reflected her love for truth.

Penn loved knowledge, and was more than eager to educate others about the history of Auron. Like all Aurons, she valued truth above all else.

Penn was also loyal to the Piper of Auron, and was even willing to bend the truth for him.[1]


Penn was an excellent swimmer, and could call for giant eels to ride upon.[1]


Penn kept two seahorses in her office, named Tresk and Mesk. She described them as her companions.[1]


Deltora QuestEdit

Deltora Quest 2Edit



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