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The palace guards were soldiers whose main purpose was to protect the palace and the royal family. They wear a pale blue uniform trimmed with gold. During the reign of King Endon, the palace guards were the most powerful fighters in Deltora.

History Edit

The Forests of Silence Edit

When the Shadow Lord invaded Deltora, the Ak-Baba attacked the palace and killed all of the palace guards. Barda was the only one to survive the slaughter, since he had fled the palace the day before the attack.[1]

Cavern of The Fear Edit

After the Shadow Lord's banishment, Lief reformed the palace guards and installed Barda as their new captain. Barda lead a company of guards to the city of Noradz to free its inhabitants from the Ra-Kacharz. However, the city was deserted when they arrived and the people were taken to the Shadowlands.[2]

Dragon's Nest Edit

Six guards helped Lief carry the Shadow Lord's crystal to Adin's forge in an attempt to destroy it. They were dismissed by Barda when the deed was done and told to spread the word through the city.

Barda selected a battalion of twelve guards to accompany himself, Lief, and Jasmine on their journey to find the Four Sisters, though publicly Lief was making a tour of the kingdom. Barda left his deputy Corris in charge of the guards until his return.

Shortly after rescuing the Capricon Rolf, the group found signs of an unknown assassin trying to hamper their progress. To throw them off the trail, Lief, Barda and Jasmine travelled through End Wood while Barda's second in command, Brid, led the guards and Rolf to the town of Ringle. Unknown to everyone, Rolf was their enemy, and when the guards camped outside of Ringle, he transformed into a faux Ruby dragon and slaughtered them. Brid lived long enough to write a warning in his own blood, which was later used by Lindal to track down Lief.[3]

The Sister of the South Edit

When Sharn returned to Del from a visit to Tora, Paff poisoned her and many other residents in Del to simulate a plague. She often targeted the palace guards due to their close proximity and would either poison select guards or send her creature to silently kill lone groups of them. She poisoned Corris on the first day of the plague, and he was replaced by his second-in-command, Dunn.[4]

Shadows of the Master Edit

Known palace guards Edit

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