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Otto was a member of the Masked Ones' inner circle.[1]

History Edit


After Lief,Barda, and Jasmine were dropped into the Masked Ones' camp by the Ruby dragon, Otto went to investigate. However, he was killed by a phantome created by the Masked One.

After the companions were given permission to stay with the Masked Ones, Otto's body and possessions were burned by his fellow inner circle members. The companions were then given his empty wagon.[1]

Physical appearanceEdit

Otto was a huge man, with beefy shoulders, ham shaped fists, sausage thick fingers, and arms as big as tree trunks. His mask was the head of a wild boar and permanently bonded to his face. It was so lifelike that Lief believed the mask to be his actual head.

When Lief, Barda, and Jasmine encountered Otto, he was wearing animal skins, lashed in place by leather cords, his bare arms were adorned with beaten metal bands, and he wore rings on every one of his fingers.[1]


Like all members of the Masked Ones, Otto was prejudiced towards those outside the troupe. When he found the companions within the Masked Ones' camp, he instantly accused them of being spies.[1]


Otto was immensely strong, even more so then Barda[citation needed]. He used his talents to amaze audiences with feats of strength and even challenge some individuals who felt themselves bold.[1]


Deltora Quest Edit

Deltora Quest 3 Edit



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