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Opal territory is a territory in the centre of Deltora and is the territory of Opal dragons and the tribe of the Plains. It is bordered by Lapis Lazuli territory to the west, Diamond territory to the southwest, Topaz territory to the southeast, and Ruby territory to the east. Opal territory mainly consists of small towns and fertile, grassy plains.[1]

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Main article: Plains tribe

The Plains people are known for being of strange, magical stock. Many Plains people have unusual abilities, such as foresight or magical links between siblings.

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Main article: Hira

Once the great capital of Opal territory, the city of Hira became known as the "City of the Rats" when it was overrun by a plague of Plains rats. However after the city of Hira was abandoned, the people of Hira created the city of Noradz.

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The Opal territory's gem is the Opal, symbol of hope. The Opal allows the wearer to see glimpses of the future; it aids sight and has a special affinity with the Lapis Lazuli.

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