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Nols is a Pirran and a member of the Plume tribe.[1] She is the current Piper of the Plumes.[2]


Cavern of The FearEdit

Nols was selected to be the yearly sacrifice to The Fear, but was spared when Jasmine, Glock, and later Lief and Barda, were captured and offered in her stead. When the companions offered to kill The Fear, Nols eagerly accepted the proposition. She hated the Plume leader, Worron, for being a tyrant and a coward and so she took his place as Piper after gaining the trust of the Plumes. When The Fear was destroyed, Nols willingly gave Lief, Jasmine and Barda the mouthpiece of the Pirran Pipe and buried the dead Glock with the leaders of the Plume.[1]

The Shadowlands Edit

Nols heard the sound of the Pirran Pipe while tending to Glock's grave. By this time she had been promoted to Piper of the Plume tribe.[2]

She sent the Plume fleet off to discover the source of the noise and met the Auron and Keron tribes. The three were able to put aside centuries of hatred to combine their powers to bring the prisoners in the Shadowlands into the Pirran Sea.[2]

Physical appearanceEdit

Personality Edit


As the Piper of the Plume tribe, Nols has the tribe's collective magic at her disposal, which she can use to bring light to the caverns. It can also be assumed that Nols is a talented musician.






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